602.6405  Jurisdiction--procedure.

1.  Magistrates have jurisdiction of simple misdemeanors, including traffic and ordinance violations, and preliminary hearings, search warrant proceedings, county and municipal infractions, and small claims. Magistrates have jurisdiction to determine the disposition of livestock or another animal, as provided in sections 717.5 and 717B.4, if the magistrate determines the value of the livestock or animal is less than ten thousand dollars. Magistrates have jurisdiction to exercise the powers specified in sections 556F.2 and 556F.12, and to hear complaints or preliminary informations, issue warrants, order arrests, make commitments, and take bail. Magistrates have jurisdiction over violations of section 123.49, subsection 2, paragraph "h". Magistrates who are admitted to the practice of law in this state have jurisdiction over all proceedings for the involuntary commitment, treatment, or hospitalization of individuals under chapters 125 and 229, except as otherwise provided under section 229.6A; nonlawyer magistrates have jurisdiction over emergency detention and hospitalization proceedings under sections 125.91 and 229.22. Magistrates have jurisdiction to conduct hearings authorized under section 809.4.

2. a.  Magistrates shall hear and determine violations of and penalties for violations of section 453A.2, subsection 2.

b.  Magistrates shall forward copies of citations issued for violations of section 453A.2, subsection 2, and of their dispositions to the clerk of the district court. The clerk of the district court shall maintain records of citations issued and the dispositions of citations, and shall forward a copy of the records to the Iowa department of public health.

3.  The criminal procedure before magistrates is as provided in chapters 804, 806, 808, 811, 820 and 821 and rules of criminal procedure 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 32 to 56. The civil procedure before magistrates shall be as provided in chapters 631 and 648.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 602.6306

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