514I.4  Director and department--duties--powers.

1.  The director, with the approval of the HAWK-I board, shall implement this chapter. The director shall do all of the following:

a.  At least every six months, evaluate the scope of the program currently being provided under this chapter, project the probable cost of continuing the program, and compare the probable cost with the remaining balance of the state appropriation made for payment of assistance under this chapter during the current appropriation period. The director shall report the findings of the evaluation to the board and shall annually report findings to the governor and the general assembly by January 1.

b.  Establish premiums to be paid to participating insurers for provision of health insurance coverage.

c.  Contract with participating insurers to provide health insurance coverage under this chapter.

d.  Recommend to the board proposed rules necessary to implement the program.

e.  Recommend to the board individuals to serve as members of the clinical advisory committee.

2.  The director, with the concurrence of the board, shall enter into a contract with an administrative contractor. Such contract shall be entered into in accordance with the criteria established by the board.

3.  The department may enter into contracts with other persons whereby the other person provides some or all of the functions, pursuant to rules adopted by the board, which are required of the director or the department under this section. All contracts entered into pursuant to this section shall be made available to the public.

4.  The department shall do or shall provide for all of the following:

a.  Develop a program application form not to exceed two pages in length, which is consistent with the rules of the board, which is easy to understand, complete, and concise, and which, to the greatest extent possible, coordinates with the medical assistance program.

b.  Establish the family cost sharing amount, based on a sliding fee scale, if established by the board.

c.  Perform other duties as determined by the department with the approval of the board.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1196, §5, 16

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