422.11E  Assistive device tax credit--small business.

1.  The taxes imposed under this division, less the credits allowed under sections 422.12 and 422.12B, shall be reduced by an assistive device tax credit. A small business purchasing, renting, or modifying an assistive device or making workplace modifications for an individual with a disability who is employed or will be employed by the small business is eligible, subject to availability of credits, to receive this assistive device tax credit which is equal to fifty percent of the first five thousand dollars paid during the tax year for the purchase, rental, or modification of the assistive device or for making the workplace modifications. Any credit in excess of the tax liability shall be refunded with interest computed under section 422.25. In lieu of claiming a refund, a taxpayer may elect to have the overpayment shown on the taxpayer's final, completed return credited to the tax liability for the following tax year. If the small business elects to take the assistive device tax credit, the small business shall not deduct for Iowa tax purposes any amount of the cost of an assistive device or workplace modifications which is deductible for federal tax purposes.

2.  To receive the assistive device tax credit, the eligible small business must submit an application to the department of economic development. If the taxpayer meets the criteria for eligibility, the department of economic development shall issue to the taxpayer a certification of entitlement for the assistive device tax credit. However, the combined amount of tax credits that may be approved for a fiscal year under this section and section 422.33, subsection 9, shall not exceed five hundred thousand dollars. Tax credit certificates shall be issued on an earliest filed basis. The certification shall contain the taxpayer's name, address, tax identification number, the amount of the credit, and tax year for which the certificate applies. The taxpayer must file the tax credit certificate with the taxpayer's individual income tax return in order to claim the tax credit. The departments of economic development and revenue and finance shall each adopt rules to jointly administer this section and shall provide by rule for the method to be used to determine for which fiscal year the tax credits are approved.

3.  An individual may claim an assistive device tax credit allowed a partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, estate, or trust electing to have the income taxed directly to the individual. The amount claimed by the individual shall be based upon the pro rata share of the individual's earnings of the partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, estate, or trust.

4.  For purposes of this section:

a.  "Assistive device" means any item, piece of equipment, or product system which is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of an individual with a disability in the workplace or on the job. "Assistive device" does not mean any medical device, surgical device, or organ implanted or transplanted into or attached directly to an individual. "Assistive device" does not include any device for which a certificate of title is issued by the state department of transportation, but does include any item, piece of equipment, or product system otherwise meeting the definition of "assistive device" that is incorporated, attached, or included as a modification in or to such a device issued a certificate of title.

b.  "Disability" means the same as defined in section 225C.46.

c.  "Small business" means a business that either had gross receipts for its preceding tax year of three million dollars or less or employed not more than fourteen full-time employees during its preceding tax year.

d.  "Workplace modifications" means physical alterations to the work environment.

Section History: Recent form

  2000 Acts, ch 1194, §11, 21

Internal References

  Referred to in § 422.5, 422.16, 422.33


  Section applies retroactively to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2000; 2000 Acts, ch 1194, §21

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