303.2  Division responsibilities.

1.  The administrative services section shall provide administrative, accounting, public relations and clerical services for the department, report to the director and perform other duties assigned to it by the director.

2.  The historical division shall:

a.  Administer and care for historical sites under the authority of the division, and maintain collections within these buildings.

Except for the state board of regents, a state agency which owns, manages, or administers a historical site must enter into an agreement with the department of cultural affairs under chapter 28E to insure the proper management, maintenance, and development of the site. For the purposes of this section, "historical site" is defined as any district, site, building, or structure listed on the national register of historic sites or identified as eligible for such status by the state historic preservation officer or that is identified according to established criteria by the state historic preservation officer as significant in national, state, and local history, architecture, engineering, archaeology, or culture.

b.  Encourage and assist local county and state organizations and museums devoted to historical purposes.

c.  Develop standards and criteria for the acquisition of historic properties and for the preservation, restoration, maintenance, operation, and interpretation of properties under the jurisdiction of the division. The administrator of the division shall serve as the state historic preservation officer, certified by the governor, pursuant to federal requirements.

d.  Administer the state archives and records program in accordance with sections 303.12 through 303.15, and 304.6.

e.  Identify and document historic properties.

f.  Prepare and maintain a state register of historic places, including those listed on the national register of historic places.

g.  Conduct historic preservation activities pursuant to federal and state requirements.

h.  Publish matters of historical value to the public, and pursue historical, architectural, and archaeological research and development which may include but are not limited to continuing surveys, excavation, scientific recording, interpretation, and publication of the historical, architectural, archaeological, and cultural sites, buildings, and structures in the state.

i.  Buy or receive by other means historical materials including, but not limited to, artifacts, art, books, manuscripts, and images. Such materials are not personal property under section 18.12 and shall be received and cared for under the rules of the department. The historical division may sell or otherwise dispose of those materials according to the rules of the department and be credited for any revenues credited by the disposal less the costs incurred.

j.  Administer the historical resource development program established in section 303.16.

3.  The arts division shall:

a.  Make surveys as deemed advisable of existing artistic and cultural programs and activities within the state, including but not limited to music, theatre, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, and allied arts and crafts.

b.  Administer the program of agreements for indemnification by the state in the event of loss of or damage to special exhibit items established by sections 304A.21 through 304A.30.

c.  Submit a report to the governor and to the general assembly not later than ten calendar days following the commencement of each first session of the general assembly concerning the studies undertaken during the biennium and recommending legislation and other action as necessary for the implementation and enforcement of this subsection and subchapter VI of this chapter.

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 427.16

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