260A.2  Community college vocational-technical technology improvement plans.

Prior to receiving moneys under this chapter, the board of directors of a community college shall adopt a technology plan that supports community college vocational-technical technology improvement efforts, authorizes a needs assessment of business and industry in the district, and includes an evaluation component, and shall provide to the department of education adequate assurance that funds received under this chapter will be used in accordance with the technology plan. The plan shall be developed by licensed professional staff of the community college, including both faculty members and school administrators, the private sector, trade and professional organizations, and other interested parties, and shall, at a minimum, focus on the attainment of the vocational-technical skills and achievement goals of the student. The plan shall consider the community college's interconnectivity with the Iowa communications network, and shall demonstrate how, over a four-year period, the board will utilize technology to improve vocational-technical student achievement. The technology plan shall be kept on file at the community college. Progress made under the plan shall be reported annually to the department of education in a manner prescribed by the department of education.

Section History: Recent form

  97 Acts, ch 215, §25

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