7H.1  Annual salaries of elected state officers.

For the fiscal years beginning July 1, 1997, and July 1, 1998, the annual salaries of the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, auditor of state, secretary of agriculture, secretary of state, and treasurer of state shall be determined as provided in this section. Commencing with the first pay period which ends during the new fiscal year in July, the annual salaries of the elected state officers enumerated in this section, as their annual salaries existed during the preceding fiscal year, shall be adjusted by an amount equal to the average of the annual cost-of-living pay adjustments negotiated for the members of the collective bargaining units represented by the state police officers council labor union, the American federation of state, county, and municipal employees, and the Iowa united professionals for the same fiscal year. The annual salaries determined for the elected state officers as provided in this section for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998, shall remain in effect for subsequent fiscal years until otherwise provided by the general assembly.

Section History: Recent form

  97 Acts, ch 204, §17

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