437A.22  Statutes applicable.

Sections 437A.9, 437A.10, 437A.12, 437A.13, and 437A.14, subsection 1, are applicable to electric companies, natural gas companies, electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and persons whose property is subject to the statewide property tax. However, a required credit or refund of overpaid statewide property tax pursuant to section 437A.14, subsection 1, as it applies to this subchapter, shall be made by the director and not by city chief financial officers or county treasurers.

Section 422.26 applies with respect to the statewide property tax and penalties imposed by this chapter, except that, as applied to any tax imposed by this chapter, the lien provided shall be prior to and superior over all subsequent liens upon any personal property within this state or right to such personal property belonging to the taxpayer, without the necessity of recording the lien as provided in section 422.26. The requirement for recording, as applied to the statewide property tax imposed by this chapter, shall apply only to a lien upon real property. In order to preserve such lien against subsequent mortgagees, purchasers, or judgment creditors, for value and without notice of the lien, on any real property situated in a county, the director shall file with the recorder of the county in which the real property is located a notice of the lien.

The county recorder of each county shall prepare and keep in the recorder's office a book to be known as the index of statewide property tax liens, so ruled as to show in appropriate columns under the names of taxpayers arranged alphabetically, all of the following:

1.  The name of the taxpayer.

2.  The name "State of Iowa" as claimant.

3.  Time the notice of lien was received.

4.  Date of notice.

5.  Amount of lien then due.

6.  Date of assessment.

7.  Date when the lien is satisfied.

The recorder shall endorse on each notice of lien the day, hour, and minute when received and preserve such notice, and shall promptly record the lien in the manner provided for recording real estate mortgages. The lien is effective from the time of the indexing of the lien.

The director, from moneys appropriated to the department of revenue and finance for this purpose, shall pay a recording fee as provided in section 331.604 for the recording of the lien, or for its satisfaction.

Upon the payment of the replacement tax as to which the director has filed notice with a county recorder, the director shall promptly file with the recorder a satisfaction of the replacement tax. The recorder shall enter the satisfaction on the notice on file in the recorder's office and indicate that fact on the index.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1194, §23, 40

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