354.9  Review of subdivision plats within two miles of a city.

1.  If a city, which has adopted ordinances regulating the division of land, desires to review subdivisions outside the city's boundaries, then the city shall establish by ordinance specifically referring to the authority of this section, the area subject to the city's review and approval. The area of review may be identified by individual tracts, by describing the boundaries of the area, or by including all land within a certain distance of the city's boundaries, which shall not extend more than two miles distance from the city's boundaries. The ordinance establishing the area of review or modifying the area of review by a city, shall be recorded in the office of the recorder and filed with the county auditor.

2.  If a subdivision lies in a county, which has adopted ordinances regulating the division of land, and also lies within the area of review established by a city pursuant to this section, then the subdivision shall be submitted to both the city and county for approval. The standards and conditions applied by a city for review and approval of the subdivision shall be the same standards and conditions used for review and approval of subdivisions within the city limits or shall be the standards and conditions for review and approval established by agreement of the city and county pursuant to chapter 28E. Either the city or county may, by resolution, waive its right to review the subdivision or waive the requirements of any of its standards or conditions for approval of subdivisions, and certify the resolution which shall be recorded with the plat.

3.  If cities establish overlapping areas of review outside their boundaries, then the cities shall establish by agreement pursuant to chapter 28E reasonable standards and conditions for review of subdivisions within the overlapping area. If no agreement is recorded pursuant to chapter 28E then the city which is closest to the boundary of the subdivision shall have authority to review of the subdivision.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1236, §23

  C91, § 409A.9

  C93, § 354.9

Internal References

  Referred to in § 354.8

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