354.8  Review and approval by governing bodies.

A proposed subdivision plat lying within the jurisdiction of a governing body shall be submitted to that governing body for review and approval prior to recording. A city may establish jurisdiction to review subdivisions outside its boundaries pursuant to the provisions of section 354.9. Governing bodies shall apply reasonable standards and conditions in accordance with applicable statutes and ordinances for the review and approval of subdivisions. The governing body, within sixty days of application for final approval of the subdivision plat, shall determine whether the subdivision conforms to its comprehensive plan and shall give consideration to the possible burden on public improvements and to a balance of interests between the proprietor, future purchasers, and the public interest in the subdivision when reviewing the proposed subdivision and when requiring the installation of public improvements in conjunction with approval of a subdivision. The governing body shall not issue final approval of a subdivision plat unless the subdivision plat conforms to sections 354.6, 354.11, and 355.8.

If the subdivision plat and all matters related to final approval of the subdivision plat conform to the standards and conditions established by the governing body, and conform to this chapter and chapter 355, the governing body, by resolution, shall approve the plat and certify the resolution which shall be recorded with the plat. The recorder shall refuse to accept a subdivision plat presented for recording without a resolution from each applicable governing body approving the subdivision plat or waiving the right to review.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1236, §22

  C91, § 409A.8

  C93, § 354.8

Internal References

  Referred to in § 354.11

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