321.234A  All-terrain vehicles--bicycle safety flag required.

All-terrain vehicles shall be operated on a highway only between sunrise and sunset and only when the operation on the highway is incidental to the vehicle's use for agricultural purposes. A person operating an all-terrain vehicle on a highway shall have a valid driver's license and the vehicle shall be operated at speeds of less than thirty miles per hour. When operated on a highway, an all- terrain vehicle shall have a bicycle safety flag which extends not less than five feet above the ground attached to the rear of the vehicle. The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with an area of not less than thirty square inches, be Day-Glo in color, and shall be in lieu of the reflective equipment required by section 321.383.

Section History: Recent form

  85 Acts, ch 35, §3; 90 Acts, ch 1230, § 65; 98 Acts, ch 1073, §9

Internal References

  Referred to in § 321G.8, 321G.9, 321G.13

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