272.4  Terms of office.

Members, except for the director of the department of education, shall be appointed to serve staggered terms of four years. A member shall not serve more than two consecutive terms, except for the director of the department of education, who shall serve until the director's term of office expires. A member of the board, except for the two public members, shall hold a valid practitioner's license during the member's term of office. A vacancy exists when any of the following occur:

1.  A nonpublic member's license expires, is suspended, or is revoked.

2.  A nonpublic member retires or terminates employment as a practitioner.

3.  A member dies, resigns, is removed from office, or is otherwise physically unable to perform the duties of office.

4.  A member's term of office expires.

Terms of office for regular appointments shall begin and end as provided in section 69.19. Terms of office for members appointed to fill vacancies shall begin on the date of appointment and end as provided in section 69.19. Members may be removed for cause by a state court with competent jurisdiction after notice and opportunity for hearing. The board may remove a member for three consecutive absences or for cause.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 265, § 4

  CS89, § 260.4

  92 Acts, ch 1212, § 25

  C93, § 272.4

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