261.37  Duties.

The duties of the commission under this division shall be as follows:

1.  To review the Iowa guaranteed loan program.

2.  To review and make disposition of all applications for the guarantee of student loans.

3.  Collect an insurance premium of not more than the amount authorized by the federal Higher Education Act of 1965. The premium shall be collected by the lender upon the disbursement of the loan and shall be remitted promptly to the commission.

4.  To enter into all necessary agreements with the United States secretary of education as required for the purpose of receiving full benefit of the state program incentives offered pursuant to the Higher Education Act of 1965.

5.  To adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A to implement the provisions of this division including establishing standards for educational institutions, lenders, and individuals to become eligible institutions, lenders, and borrowers. Notwithstanding any contrary provisions in chapter 537, the rules and standards established shall be consistent with the requirements provided in the Higher Education Act of 1965.

6.  To reimburse eligible lenders for the amount authorized by the federal Higher Education Act of 1965 on defaulted loans guaranteed by the commission upon receipt of written notice of the default accompanied by evidence that the lender has exercised the required degree of diligence in efforts to collect the loan.

7.  To establish an effective system for the collection of delinquent loans, including the adoption of an agreement with the Iowa department of revenue and finance to set off against a defaulter's income tax refund or rebate the amount that is due because of a default on a guaranteed or parental loan made under this division. The commission shall adopt rules under chapter 17A necessary to assist the department of revenue and finance in the implementation of the student loan setoff program as established under section 421.17, subsection 23.

8.  To develop and disseminate informational and educational materials to lenders, postsecondary institutions and borrowers. The commission shall provide applicants, as deemed necessary by the commission, with information about the past default rates of borrowers, enrollment, and placement statistics by postsecondary institution.

9.  To develop all forms necessary to the proper administration of the guaranteed student loan program and provide supplies of such forms to participating lenders and postsecondary institutions.

10.  To report annually to the governor and the general assembly on the status of the guaranteed student loan program.

11.  To implement all possible assistance to eligible lenders for the purpose of easing the workload entailed in participation in the guaranteed student loan program.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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