184.7  Terms and administration procedures.

1.  A person shall serve as a member on the council for a term of three years. A person may serve as a member on the council for more than one term. However, if a person serves for two complete consecutive terms, the person must wait at least twelve months prior to serving another term.

2.  The council shall elect a chairperson, and other officers as needed, from among its voting members who shall serve for a one-year term, and may be reelected to serve subsequent terms according to procedures adopted by the council.

3.  A majority of voting members of the council present during a meeting shall constitute a quorum. A majority of the members present during a meeting is necessary to carry out the duties and exercise the powers of the council as provided in this chapter, unless the council requires a greater number.

4.  The council shall meet at least once every three months and at other times the council determines are necessary.

Section History: Recent form

  95 Acts, ch 7, §8

  CS95, §196A.5A

  98 Acts, ch 1032, §11; 98 Acts, ch 1038, §13

  C99, §184.7

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