10B.4  Reporting requirements.

1.  An annual report shall be filed by a reporting entity with the secretary of state on or before March 31 of each year as required by rules adopted by the secretary of state pursuant to chapter 17A. The reports shall be filed on forms prepared and supplied by the secretary of state.

2.  A report required pursuant to this section shall contain information for the last year regarding the reporting entity as required by the secretary of state which shall at least include all of the following:

a.  The name and address of the reporting entity.

b.  The name and address of the person supervising the daily operations on the agricultural land in which the reporting entity holds an interest.

c.  The following information regarding each person who holds an interest in the reporting entity:

(1)  The name and address of the person.

(2)  The person's citizenship, if other than the United States.

(3)  The percentage interest held by the person in the reporting entity, unless the person is a natural person who holds less than a ten percent interest in a reporting entity.

d.  The percentage interest that a reporting entity holds in another reporting entity, and the number of acres of agricultural land that is attributable to the reporting entity which holds an interest in another reporting entity as provided in chapter 10.

e.  A certification that the reporting entity meets all of the requirements to lawfully hold agricultural land in this state.

f.  The number of acres of agricultural land held by the reporting entity, including the following:

(1)  The total number of acres in the state.

(2)  The number of acres in each county identified by county name.

(3)  The number of acres owned.

(4)  The number of acres leased.

(5)  The number of acres held other than by ownership or lease.

(6)  The number of acres used for the production of row crops.

3.  A reporting entity other than a foreign business, foreign government, or nonresident alien shall be excused from filing a report with the secretary of state during any year in which the reporting entity holds an interest in less than twenty acres of agricultural land in this state and the gross revenue produced from all farming on the land equals less than ten thousand dollars.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1110, §204, 301

Internal References

  Referred to in §10B.3, 10B.6


  Other reports not required prior to July 1, 2000; 98 Acts, ch 1110, § 207

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