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House Journal: Page 1391: Thursday, April 11, 2002

department of education and providing an effective and applicability
date, amended by the Senate amendment H-8681 as follows:


1 Amend House File 2515, as amended, passed, and
2 reprinted by the House, as follows:
3 1. Page 1, by inserting before line 1, the
4 following:
5 "Section 1. Section 256.3, Code 2001, is amended
6 to read as follows:
8 The state board of education is established for the
9 department. The state board consists of nine ten
10 members, nine voting members and one nonvoting student
11 member. The voting members shall be appointed by the
12 governor subject to senate confirmation. The
13 nonvoting student members shall be appointed as
14 provided in section 256.5A. The voting members shall
15 be registered voters of the state and hold no other
16 elective or appointive state office. A voting member
17 shall not be engaged in professional education for a
18 major portion of the member's time nor shall the
19 member derive a major portion of income from any
20 business or activity connected with education. Not
21 more than five voting members shall be of the same
22 political party.
23 The terms of office for voting members are for six
24 years beginning and ending as provided in section
25 69.19.
26 Three of the state board voting members shall have
27 substantial knowledge related to the community college
28 system. The remaining six voting members shall be
29 members of the general public.
30 Sec. 2. Section 256.4, Code 2001, is amended to
31 read as follows:
32 256.4 OATH - VACANCIES.
33 The members of the state board shall qualify by
34 taking the regular oath of office as prescribed by law
35 for state officers. Vacancies in the voting
36 membership shall be filled in the same manner in which
37 regular appointments are required to be made.
39 The governor shall appoint one nonvoting student
40 member of the state board for a term of one year
41 beginning and ending as provided in section 69.19.
42 The nonvoting student member shall be appointed from a
43 list of names submitted by the state board of
44 education. Students enrolled in either grade ten or
45 eleven in a public school may apply to the state board
46 to serve as a nonvoting student member. The

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