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House Journal: Page 1117: Monday, April 1, 2002

House File 2394, an act eliminating teacher licensure of community college faculty;
requiring community colleges to develop, approve, and implement a quality faculty
plan; and providing for related matters and effective dates.

Senate File 2116, an act relating to the preservation and enhancement of the state

Senate File 2133, an act relating to real estate brokers, including defining the
activities of a real estate broker, licensure and insurance coverage, and providing a

Senate File 2156, an act authorizing all counties not served by a permanent state
department of transportation facility to issue driver's licenses, nonoperator
identification cards, and persons with disabilities identification devices under certain

Senate File 2167, an act establishing a health insurance administration fund
relating to the payment of the administrative costs of state health insurance plans and
providing for its prospective repeal.

Senate File 2231, an act providing for hospital access to abuse registries for
purposes of employment checks.

Also: That on April 1, 2002, he approved and transmitted to the
Secretary of State the following bills:

House File 2248, an act relating to the designation of a Bill of Rights Day.

House File 2310, an act relating to vendor contracts for the statewide underground
facility notification center.

House File 2363, an act relating to permits for and the possession of weapons and
providing penalties.

House File 2448, an act relating to diverting township taxes to a municipality
providing emergency services to the township.

House File 2467, an act providing for licensure sanctions against defaulters of
designated loan and scholarship programs.

House File 2488, an act relating to the department of elder affairs including
provisions relating to the elder Iowans Act.

Senate File 2086, an act relating to the kilowatt threshold for electric transmission
line franchises, making related changes, and providing an effective date.

Senate File 2098, an act relating to the criminal offenses of unauthorized computer
access and criminal mischief, and providing a penalty.

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