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House Journal: Page 1046: Wednesday, March 27, 2002

8 another cause, the cause."
9 2. By renumbering as necessary.

Amendment H-8348 lost.

Dotzler of Black Hawk offered the following amendment H-8350
filed by him and moved its adoption:


1 Amend Senate File 2190, as amended, passed, and
2 reprinted by the Senate, as follows:
3 1. Page 3, by inserting after line 6, the
4 following:
5 "Sec. . Section 85.70, Code 2001, is amended to
6 read as follows:
8 An employee who has sustained an injury resulting
9 in permanent partial or permanent total disability,
10 for which compensation is payable under this chapter,
11 and who cannot is unable to return to gainful
12 employment in the job the employee held at the time of
13 the injury because of such disability, shall upon
14 application to and approval by the workers'
15 compensation commissioner be entitled to a twenty-
16 dollar weekly an additional worker training payment
17 from the employer. The worker training payment shall
18 be in addition to any other benefit payments to the
19 employee, during each full week in which the employee
20 is not receiving healing period benefits pursuant to
21 section 85.34, and is actively participating in a
22 vocational rehabilitation program recognized by the
23 vocational rehabilitation services division of the
24 department of education or participating in any other
25 training program, including apprenticeship training,
26 recognized by the department of education. The
27 additional worker training payment authorized by this
28 section shall be in an amount determined in the same
29 manner as healing period benefits are calculated
30 pursuant to section 85.37. The workers' compensation
31 commissioner's approval of such application for
32 payment may be given only after a careful evaluation
33 of available facts, and after consultation with the
34 employer or the employer's representative. Judicial
35 review of the decision of the workers' compensation
36 commissioner may be obtained in accordance with the
37 terms of the Iowa administrative procedure Act and in
38 section 86.26. Such additional benefit payment shall
39 be paid for a period not to exceed thirteen
40 consecutive weeks except that the workers'
41 compensation commissioner may extend the period of

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