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32 1, annually. By October 15, annually, the department
33 of education shall notify the board of directors of
34 each school district of the maximum amount of its
35 allocation that shall be made available for purchasing
36 nonsectarian, nonreligious textbooks for each of the
37 accredited nonpublic schools located within the school
38 district in accordance with this paragraph. For
39 purposes of this paragraph, an accredited nonpublic
40 school's enrollment count shall include only students
41 who are residents of Iowa. The costs of providing
42 textbooks to accredited nonpublic schools as provided
43 in this paragraph shall not be included in the
44 computation of district cost under chapter 257, but
45 shall be shown in the budget as an expense from
46 miscellaneous income. Textbook expenditures made in
47 accordance with this paragraph shall be kept on file
48 in the school district. As used in this paragraph,
49 "textbooks" means books and loose-leaf or bound
50 manuals, systems of reusable instructional materials

Page 3

1 or combinations of books and supplementary
2 instructional materials which convey information to
3 the student or otherwise contribute to the learning
4 process, or electronic textbooks, including but not
5 limited to computer software, applications using
6 computer-assisted instruction, interactive videodisc,
7 and other computer courseware and magnetic media."
8 10. Page 15, line 2, by striking the figure "2001"
9 and inserting the following: "2000".
10 11. Page 15, line 5, by striking the figure "2001"
11 and inserting the following: "2000".
12 12. Page 15, line 13, by striking the figure
13 "2002" and inserting the following: "2001".
14 13. Page 16, by inserting after line 11, the
15 following:
16 "Sec. . Section 301.30, Code 2001, is
17 repealed."
18 14. Page 16, by inserting before line 12, the
19 following:
20 "Sec. 200. 2001 Iowa Acts, House File 259, shall
21 not take effect July 1, 2001, but shall take effect
22 January 1, 2002.
23 Sec. . EFFECTIVE DATE. Section 200 of this
24 division of this Act, being deemed of immediate
25 importance, takes effect upon enactment."
26 15. By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
27 and correcting internal references as necessary.

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