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House Journal: Page 1890: Monday, May 7, 2001

11 2. Page 1, line 20, by inserting after the word
12 "areas." the following: "This section does not
13 authorize the department to provide for the
14 destruction of personal property other than an
15 animal."
16 3. Page 2, line 10, by inserting after the figure
17 "2." the following: "a."
18 4. Page 2, line 13, by striking the letter "a."
19 and inserting the following: "(1)".
20 5. Page 2, line 18, by striking the letter "b."
21 and inserting the following: "(2)".
22 6. Page 2, by inserting after line 20, the
23 following:
24 "b. If the department confirms an outbreak of foot
25 and mouth disease in this state, the department shall
26 cooperate with the governor; federal agencies,
27 including the United States department of agriculture;
28 and state agencies, including the emergency management
29 division of the department of public defense, in order
30 to provide the public with timely and accurate
31 information regarding the outbreak. The department
32 shall cooperate with organizations representing
33 agricultural producers in order to provide all
34 necessary information to agricultural producers
35 required to control the outbreak."
36 7. Page 2, line 26, by inserting after the figure
37 "4." the following: "a."
38 8. Page 2, by inserting after line 28, the
39 following:
40 "b. Upon the request of the executive council, the
41 department shall develop and submit a plan to the
42 executive council that compensates an owner of
43 property, other than an animal, that is inadvertently
44 destroyed by the department as a result of the
45 department's regulation of activities in a quarantined
46 area. The plan shall not be implemented without the
47 approval of at least three members of the executive
48 council. The payment of the compensation under the
49 plan shall be made in the same manner as provided in
50 section 163.15. The owner may submit a claim for

Page 2

1 compensation prior to the plan's implementation. The
2 executive council may apply the plan retroactively,
3 but not earlier than the effective date of this Act."

The motion prevailed and the House concurred in the Senate
amendment H-1996.

Klemme of Plymouth moved that the bill, as amended by the

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