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House Journal: Page 1842: Thursday, May 3, 2001


1 Amend the Senate amendment, H-1937, to House File
2 670, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the House,
3 as follows:
4 1. By striking page 1, line 13 through page 5,
5 line 8, and inserting the following:
6 "Sec. . Section 256.7, Code 2001, is amended by
7 adding the following new subsection:
8 NEW SUBSECTION. 25. Prescribe standards and
9 procedures for the approval by the state board of
10 nontraditional practitioner and administrator
11 preparation internship programs to be offered by
12 practitioner preparation institutions.
13 Sec. . Section 256.16, Code 2001, is amended by
14 adding the following new subsections:
15 NEW SUBSECTION. 3. a. The state board shall
16 adopt rules requiring that practitioner preparation
17 institutions, which provide a nontraditional
18 practitioner preparation internship program, at a
19 minimum, meet the standards and comply with the
20 standards established pursuant to section 256.7,
21 subsection 25. A nontraditional practitioner
22 preparation internship program is exempt from the
23 student teaching or field experience requirements of
24 section 272.25. A nontraditional practitioner
25 preparation internship program shall include
26 coursework in education theory, instructional methods,
27 and classroom management. The program shall consist
28 of two twelve-semester-hour, or the trimester or
29 quarter equivalent, courses of study.
30 b. The institution providing the nontraditional
31 practitioner preparation internship program shall
32 enter into a written agreement with a school district,
33 under terms and conditions as agreed upon by the
34 contracting parties, providing that the school
35 district will provide interns seeking a nontraditional
36 conditional teaching license with a one-year classroom
37 teaching experience. The intern must successfully
38 complete the first twelve-semester-hour, or the
39 trimester or quarter equivalent, course of study prior
40 to beginning the one-year classroom teaching
41 experience. Interns teaching in a school district
42 under the terms of such a contract are entitled to the
43 same protection under section 670.8, as is afforded by
44 that section to officers and other employees of the
45 school district, during the time they are so assigned.
46 c. Upon completion of the first twelve-semester-
47 hour, or the trimester or quarter equivalent, course
48 of study, the institution providing the approved
49 nontraditional practitioner preparation internship
50 program shall submit to the board of educational

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