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43 Amounts which remain unallocated or unexpended at the
44 close of the fiscal year shall revert to the pooled
45 technology account for the support of technology
46 programs in the succeeding fiscal year."
47 7. Page 5, by inserting before line 1 the
48 following: "The office of distance learning is
49 authorized to purchase a statewide site license for
50 web-based educational training and testing programs of

Page 2

1 online assessments, lessons, and activities related to
2 academic performance and may provide access to such
3 programs for educational purposes."
4 8. Page 5, by striking lines 8 through 14.
5 9. By striking page 5, line 15, and inserting the
6 following:
7 "f. The remaining amount in the pooled technology
8 account shall be allocated to the".
9 10. Page 5, line 22, by inserting after the word
10 "contract." the following: "This subsection shall not
11 apply to a technology purchase, lease, or contract
12 made or entered into by or on behalf of a community
13 college, the university of northern Iowa in developing
14 a twenty-first century learning initiative, or an
15 accredited nonpublic school pursuant to subsection 1,
16 paragraphs "a" through "c"."
17 11. Page 6, line 9, by inserting after the word
18 "account." the following: "Of the funds appropriated
19 to the pooled technology account pursuant to this
20 subsection which remain after the deposit to the
21 general fund of the state specified in unnumbered
22 paragraph 2, $624,000 shall be allocated to the
23 information technology department. Of this amount,
24 $564,000 shall be utilized for lease-purchase costs
25 related to the justice data warehouse technology
26 project, and $60,000 shall be transferred to the
27 division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of
28 the department of human rights for 1.00 FTE to provide
29 support for the justice data warehouse technology
30 project."
31 12. Page 6, by inserting after line 33 the
32 following:
33 "Sec. . Section 14B.105, subsection 2,
34 paragraph f, Code 2001, is amended to read as follows:
35 f. Review the recommendations of the IowAccess
36 advisory council regarding rates to be charged for
37 access to and for value-added services performed
38 through IowAccess, and make recommendations to the
39 general assembly regarding such rates. A rate shall
40 not be approved or charged unless approved by act of
41 the general assembly. The information technology

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