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15 implement the security measures by doing any of the
16 following:
17 a. If the department determines that an animal is
18 infected with or exposed to foot and mouth disease, or
19 the department suspects that an animal is so infected
20 or exposed, the department may provide for all of the
21 following:
22 (1) The quarantine, condemnation, or destruction
23 of the animal. The department may establish
24 quarantined areas and regulate activities in the
25 quarantined areas, including movement or relocation of
26 animals or other property within, into, or from the
27 quarantined areas.
28 (2) The inspection or examination of the animal's
29 premises in order to perform an examination or test to
30 determine whether the animal is or was infected or
31 exposed or whether the premises is contaminated. The
32 department may take a blood or tissue sample of any
33 animal on the premises.
34 (3) The compelling of a person who is the owner or
35 custodian of the animal to provide information
36 regarding the movement or relocation of the animal or
37 the vaccination status of the animal or the herd where
38 the animal originates. The department may issue a
39 subpoena for relevant testimony or records as defined
40 in section 516E.1. In the case of a failure or
41 refusal of the person to provide testimony or records,
42 the district court upon application of the department
43 or the attorney general acting upon behalf of the
44 department, may order the person to show cause why the
45 person should not be held in contempt. The court may
46 order the person to provide testimony or produce the
47 record or be punished for contempt as if the person
48 refused to testify before the court or disobeyed a
49 subpoena issued by the court.
50 b. The department may provide for the cleaning and

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1 disinfection of real or personal property, if the
2 department determines that the property is
3 contaminated with foot and mouth disease or suspects
4 that the property is contaminated with foot and mouth
5 disease.
6 2. The department shall immediately notify the
7 United States department of agriculture of a suspected
8 outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
9 3. The department shall cooperate with federal
10 agencies, including the United States department of
11 agriculture, other state agencies and law enforcement
12 entities, and agencies of other states. Other state
13 agencies and law enforcement entities shall assist the

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