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House Journal: Page 1660: Tuesday, May 1, 2001

transportation, and the office of treasurer of state, and making
appropriations from the environment first fund for environmental
purposes to the department of agriculture and land stewardship, the
department of economic development, the department of natural
resources, the state department of transportation, and the Iowa
resources enhancement and protection fund, making related
statutory changes, and providing effective dates, was taken up for

Warnstadt of Woodbury offered the following amendment H(1820
filed by him from the floor and moved its adoption:


1 Amend House File 742 as follows:
2 1. By striking everything after the enacting
3 clause, and inserting the following:
7 Section 1. There is appropriated from the rebuild
8 Iowa infrastructure fund to the department of
9 agriculture and land stewardship for the fiscal year
10 beginning July 1, 2001, and ending June 30, 2002, the
11 following amount, or so much thereof as is necessary,
12 to be used for the purpose designated:
13 To provide financial assistance for the
14 establishment of permanent soil and water conservation
15 practices, notwithstanding section 8.57, subsection 5,
16 paragraph "c":
17 $ 5,500,000
18 1. Not more than 5 percent of the moneys
19 appropriated in this section may be allocated for
20 cost-sharing to abate complaints filed under section
21 161A.47.
22 2. Of the moneys appropriated in this section, 5
23 percent shall be allocated for financial incentives to
24 establish practices to protect watersheds above
25 publicly owned lakes of the state from soil erosion
26 and sediment as provided in section 161A.73.
27 3. Not more than 30 percent of a district's
28 allocation of moneys as financial incentives may be
29 provided for the purpose of establishing management
30 practices to control soil erosion on land that is row-
31 cropped, including but not limited to no-till
32 planting, ridge-till planting, contouring, and contour
33 strip-cropping as provided in section 161A.73.
34 4. The state soil conservation committee created
35 in section 161A.4 may allocate moneys appropriated in

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