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House Journal: Page 1639: Monday, April 30, 2001

10 4. Page 1, by inserting after line 22, the
11 following:
12 "2. Of the funds appropriated in this section,
13 $255,800 shall be used by the department to fund
14 strategies for dependent adult abuse detection,
15 training, and services.
16 3. The funds appropriated under this section shall
17 be used in accordance with any regulations,
18 requirements, or guidelines of the health care
19 financing administration of the United States
20 department of health and human services applicable to
21 the senior living program."
22 5. Page 2, line 5, by inserting after the word
23 "purposes" the following: ", and for not more than
24 the following full-time equivalent positions".
25 6. Page 2, by inserting after line 6, the
26 following:
27 FTEs 5.00"
28 7. Page 2, by inserting after line 17, the
29 following:
32 1. The department of human services shall adopt
33 rules that provide that beginning with applications
34 for conversion grants received on or after July 1,
35 2001, the department shall give greater weight in the
36 scoring methodology to nursing facility conversion
37 projects that are primarily the renovation and
38 remodeling of the existing nursing facility structure
39 and give less weight to conversion projects that are
40 primarily new construction. The department of human
41 services shall encourage cooperative efforts between
42 the department of inspections and appeals, the state
43 fire marshal and the grant applicant to promote the
44 acceptance of nursing facility conversion projects
45 that are primarily renovation and remodeling of the
46 existing nursing facility structure.
47 2. It is the intent of the general assembly that
48 the department of elder affairs certify all assisted
49 living programs established through nursing facility
50 conversion grants. The department of elder affairs

Page 2

1 shall consult with conversion grant applicants and
2 recipients to establish and monitor occupancy
3 agreements and assisted living program residents shall
4 be allowed access to third-party payors. The
5 department of elder affairs shall allow grant
6 recipients to revise and modify occupancy agreements
7 to reflect rates that are affordable, as defined in
8 section 249H.3, during the ten-year period of

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