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House Journal: Page 1616: Friday, April 27, 2001

40 provisions in promoting the reorganization or
41 dissolution of school districts. The committee shall
42 consider possible enhancements and refinements to the
43 provisions previously in effect, and shall make
44 recommendations regarding implementation of the
45 incentives, including supplementary weighting and
46 taxpayer incentives in the form of a reduced
47 foundation property tax levy.
48 The committee shall study the creation and
49 implementation of regional academies as an alternative
50 governing and taxing structure for school districts.

Page 2

1 The committee shall examine the feasibility of
2 creating and implementing a regional academy system,
3 with the objective of utilizing economies of scale to
4 enhance the educational opportunities of students in
5 grades seven through twelve residing within designated
6 regions.
7 The committee shall make recommendations regarding
8 boundary determination, curriculum content including
9 advanced-level and vocational-technical courses,
10 taxing authority, financial incentives to regional
11 academy formation, and adaptation of the school
12 finance formula to the new regional structure.
13 The committee shall consider transportation
14 provision and funding issues relating to and arising
15 out of its recommendations regarding the
16 reauthorization of reorganization incentives and the
17 establishment of regional academies.
18 The committee shall submit a report of its findings
19 and recommendations to the general assembly by January
20 14, 2002.""
21 2. By renumbering as necessary.

The motion lost and the House refused to concur in the Senate
amendment H-1745, to the House amendment.


Eddie of Buena Vista called up for consideration Senate File 350,
a bill for an act making transportation-related Code changes relating
to temporary restricted permits and temporary entry and exit
permits, railroad crossings, the content of driver's licenses and
nonoperator's identification cards, child restraint devices in motor
vehicles, hours of service, unsatisfied judgments, and bulk liquid
transport, amended by the House, further amended by the Senate

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