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9 services funding decategorization pilot project
10 implementation provisions as specified in this Act."
11 2. Page 58, by inserting after line 15 the
12 following:
16 The following target dates are applicable to
17 implementation of the adult mental health, mental
18 retardation, and developmental disabilities services
19 funding decategorization pilot project under section
20 331.440A:
21 1. May 2001: Representatives of the pilot project
22 and the department of human services shall visit
23 Kansas City offices of the federal health care
24 financing administration to present a concept paper
25 and begin the development process for a section 1915b
26 waiver application and section 1915c waiver amendment
27 under the medical assistance program.
28 2. July 1, 2001: The department of human services
29 shall transfer responsibility for administering state
30 case payments to the pilot project counties, including
31 the monthly payment amount per eligible person
32 provisions under the state's administrative services
33 only contract for state cases and the applicable
34 percentage of field operations staff expenses.
35 3. October 2001: Federal social services block
36 grant local purchase funding shall be directly
37 transferred to the pilot project counties.
38 4. January 2002: State supplementary assistance
39 funding and civil commitment funding shall be
40 transferred to the pilot project counties and the
41 section 1915b waiver application and the section 1915c
42 waiver amendment under the medical assistance program
43 shall be submitted to the health care financing
44 administration of the United States department of
45 health and human services.
46 5. July 2002: The state portion of the costs
47 attributable to placements at a state mental health
48 institute made from the pilot project counties, and
49 the portion of funding for mental health and
50 developmental disabilities services that is not county

Page 2

1 funding, including state and federal medical
2 assistance program funding for such services, shall be
3 transferred to the pilot project counties."
4 3. Page 59, by inserting after line 9 the
5 following:
6 " . Section 100, relating to adult mental
7 health, mental retardation, and developmental

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