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37 of rural and satellite departmental offices in
38 population centers of less than twenty thousand or for
39 the department-approved training fund funded in
40 section 8, subsection 2, of 1988 Iowa Acts, chapter
41 1274. To the extent possible, the department shall
42 colocate the rural and satellite departmental offices
43 funded by the surcharge provided for in this
44 subsection at available community college facilities
45 throughout the state. Moneys in the fund shall not be
46 used for purposes other than those identified in this
47 paragraph or identified in the appropriation of the
48 moneys in the fund by the general assembly.
49 d. This subsection is repealed July 1, 2001 2004,
50 and the repeal is applicable to contribution rates for

Page 2

1 calendar year 2002 2005 and subsequent calendar years.
3 REVIEW. The department of workforce development shall
4 establish performance measures for each workforce
5 development office site based on the job seeker
6 entered employment rate, the job seeker employment
7 retention rate, the job seeker average wage at
8 placement, the job seeker customer satisfaction
9 rating, the number of employers served, and the
10 employer customer satisfaction rating, and shall
11 conduct an annual review of the performance measures.
12 The department, in the annual departmental offices
13 review, shall consider the feasibility of
14 consolidating some of the rural and satellite
15 departmental offices to better serve the public.
16 The department shall prepare a report of its annual
17 departmental offices review findings. The report
18 shall contain information gathered in the review as
19 well as information concerning the success of
20 colocation efforts at community colleges throughout
21 the state, the services provided to employers with
22 fifty or fewer employees, the rent or lease costs
23 associated with each office site and the building
24 square footage at each office site, and efforts to
25 pursue other funding sources.
26 The department shall submit a report of its annual
27 departmental offices review to the governor and
28 general assembly by December 21, 2001, by December 21,
29 2002, and by December 21, 2003.
30 Sec. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act, being deemed of
31 immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment."

Dotzler of Black Hawk offered the following amendment H-1519, to
amendment H-1493, filed by him and moved its adoption:

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