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13 following:
14 "Sec. . Section 514I.5, subsection 8, paragraph
15 e, Code 2001, is amended by adding the following new
16 subparagraph:
17 NEW SUBPARAGRAPH. (15) (a) Care coordination.
18 For the purposes of this subparagraph subdivision,
19 "care coordination" means coordinating the provision
20 of services to children and families to assure that
21 the children receive health care services by promoting
22 the coordination of social supports and medical
23 services across organizations and providers. Care
24 coordination may include but is not limited to
25 educating families about the services provided under
26 the family's health insurance coverage plan; assisting
27 families in selecting providers; assisting families
28 with scheduling of health care appointments,
29 transportation to attend health care appointments, and
30 translation during health care appointments; and
31 assisting families in accessing community support
32 services.
33 (b) Dental services including the coverage of
34 partial dentures and dentures, with an annual coverage
35 maximum of one thousand five hundred dollars.
36 (c) Mental health and substance abuse benefits
37 including coverage of Axis I diagnoses as specified in
38 the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental
39 disorders; coverage of the full continuum of treatment
40 services; provision of adequate provider panels; use
41 of admission, discharge, continued stay, and placement
42 criteria specific to children and adolescents; and the
43 use of Iowa juvenile placement criteria for substance
44 abuse services.
45 (d) Medically necessary nutrition services
46 provided by a licensed dietician based upon a
47 physician referral.
48 (e) Physical and occupational therapy services."
49 3. Page 3, by inserting after line 35 the
50 following:

Page 2

1 "Sec. . Section 514I.8, subsection 2, paragraph
2 c, Code 2001, is amended to read as follows:
3 c. Is a member of a family whose income does not
4 exceed two hundred percent of the federal poverty
5 level, as defined in 42 U.S.C. } 9902(2), including
6 any revision required by such section. Determination
7 of an applicant's income shall be made on the basis of
8 the applicant's self-declaration of income."
9 4. Page 4, by inserting after line 7 the
10 following:
11 "Sec. . Section 514I.8, subsection 3, Code

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