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Senate Study Bill 3159

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  1  1                   SENATE RESOLUTION NO. ____
  1  4 A Resolution identifying issues to be addressed in
  1  5 order to stimulate and strengthen Iowa's economy.
  1  6    WHEREAS, the State of Iowa is experiencing an economic
  1  7 decline that is not solely related to the recession but rather
  1  8 to current economic trends; and
  1  9    WHEREAS, meetings were held across the state in an effort
  1 10 to allow Iowa's local businesses, employers, and community
  1 11 leaders to be heard and to provide input regarding growing
  1 12 Iowa's economy; and
  1 13    WHEREAS, based on input received at the meetings and an
  1 14 evaluation of past governmental studies, issues have been
  1 15 identified which are necessary to address in order to
  1 16 stimulate and strengthen Iowa's economy; NOW THEREFORE,
  1 17    BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That regulatory reform should
  1 18 take place which focuses on the practicality of current
  1 19 regulations, business-friendly assistance in correcting
  1 20 administrative citations, timely approval of applications, and
  1 21 trained inspectors that execute multiple duties.
  1 22    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That burdensome taxes should be
  1 23 reduced.
  1 24    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That policies should be enacted
  1 25 which are designed to retain and attract persons with the
  1 26 skills through capital gains tax reform and advertising Iowa
  1 27 with an emphasis on the affordability of homes, safe
  1 28 communities, good schools, and recreational opportunities.
  1 29    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a world-class educational
  1 30 system should be developed by introducing rigor and
  1 31 accountability into the system and preparing students
  1 32 academically to compete in the world economy.
  1 33    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That leadership at state and local
  1 34 levels should be cultivated in an effort to promote the
  1 35 private sector and strengthen Iowa's economy, rather than
  2  1 encouraging any growth in government.
  2  2    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That government should be
  2  3 streamlined by moving government functions out of Des Moines
  2  4 and into other areas of the state, encouraging more private-
  2  5 sector ideas and initiatives, promoting a one-stop shopping
  2  6 approach to providing services by state agencies, and by
  2  7 simplifying and aligning programs in each state agency to
  2  8 efficiently provide the most necessary government services.
  2  9    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a growth and entrepreneurial
  2 10 climate should be developed in all branches of government by
  2 11 promoting sensitivity training for government workers who work
  2 12 with applicants, promoting a case management approach when
  2 13 working with businesses and individuals, and promoting Iowa as
  2 14 a right-to-work state.
  2 15    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That accountability and sound
  2 16 financial practices should be practiced throughout government,
  2 17 including a decrease in the number of multiyear spending
  2 18 decisions.
  2 19    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That family and family-friendly
  2 20 policies should be promoted by all government programs.
  2 21    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the agricultural sector of the
  2 22 economy should be expanded by market-realistic value-added
  2 23 agriculture through advertising Iowa as the food capital of
  2 24 the world and promoting fuel cells and alternative energy
  2 25 fuels.
  2 26    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the issues identified in this
  2 27 Resolution should be addressed fully and immediately by the
  2 28 Seventy-ninth General Assembly and during the Eightieth
  2 29 General Assembly.  
  2 30 LSB 6824SC 79
  2 31 tm/cls/14.1

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