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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 53.2, Code 2001, is amended to read as
  1  2 follows:
  1  4    Any registered voter An eligible elector, under the
  1  5 circumstances specified in section 53.1, may on any day,
  1  6 except election day, and not more than seventy days prior to
  1  7 the date of the election, apply in person for an absentee
  1  8 ballot at the commissioner's office or at any location
  1  9 designated by the commissioner, or make written application to
  1 10 the commissioner for an absentee ballot.  The state
  1 11 commissioner shall prescribe a form for absentee ballot
  1 12 applications.  However, if a registered voter an eligible
  1 13 elector submits an application that includes all of the
  1 14 information required in this section, the prescribed form is
  1 15 not required.  Absentee ballot applications may include
  1 16 instructions to send the application directly to the county
  1 17 commissioner of elections.  However, no absentee ballot
  1 18 application shall be preaddressed or printed with instructions
  1 19 to send the applications to anyone other than the appropriate
  1 20 commissioner.
  1 21    No absentee ballot application shall be preaddressed or
  1 22 printed with instructions to send the ballot to anyone other
  1 23 than the voter.
  1 24    This section does not require that a written communication
  1 25 mailed to the commissioner's office to request an absentee
  1 26 ballot, or any other document be notarized as a prerequisite
  1 27 to receiving or marking an absentee ballot or returning to the
  1 28 commissioner an absentee ballot which has been voted.
  1 29    Each application shall contain the name and signature of
  1 30 the registered voter, the address at which the voter is
  1 31 registered to vote, all the information required in section
  1 32 48A.11 and shall be sufficient to constitute voter
  1 33 registration.  The commissioner shall place the eligible
  1 34 elector's name on the registration record as a registered
  1 35 voter, if it does not already appear there.  If the name
  2  1 already appears on the registration record but any correction
  2  2 is needed, the commissioner shall make such correction using
  2  3 the information submitted on the application.  The application
  2  4 shall also contain and the name or date of the election for
  2  5 which the absentee ballot is requested, and such other
  2  6 information as may be necessary to determine the correct
  2  7 absentee ballot for the registered voter eligible elector.  If
  2  8 insufficient information has been provided, the commissioner
  2  9 shall, by the best means available, obtain the additional
  2 10 necessary information.
  2 11    An application for a primary election ballot which
  2 12 specifies a party different from that recorded on the
  2 13 registered voter's voter registration record shall be accepted
  2 14 as a change or declaration of party affiliation.  The
  2 15 commissioner shall approve the change or declaration and enter
  2 16 a notation of the change on the registration records.  A
  2 17 notice shall be sent with the ballot requested informing the
  2 18 voter that the voter's registration record will be changed to
  2 19 show that the voter is now affiliated with the party whose
  2 20 ballot the voter requested.
  2 21    If an application for an absentee ballot is received from
  2 22 an eligible elector who is not a registered voter the
  2 23 commissioner shall register the eligible elector as provided
  2 24 in this section send a registration form under section 48A.8
  2 25 and an absentee ballot to the eligible elector.  If the
  2 26 application is received so late that it is unlikely that the
  2 27 registration form can be returned in time to cannot be
  2 28 effective on election day, the commissioner shall enclose with
  2 29 the absentee ballot send a notice to that effect, informing
  2 30 the voter of the registration time limits in section 48A.9.
  2 31 The commissioner shall record on the elector's application
  2 32 that the elector is not currently registered to vote.  If the
  2 33 registration form is properly returned by the time provided by
  2 34 section 48A.9, the commissioner shall record on the elector's
  2 35 application the date of receipt of the registration form and
  3  1 enter a notation of the registration on the registration
  3  2 records.
  3  3    A registered voter who has not moved from the county in
  3  4 which the elector is registered to vote may submit a change of
  3  5 name, telephone number, or address on the form prescribed in
  3  6 section 48A.8 when casting an absentee ballot.  Upon receipt
  3  7 of a properly completed form, the commissioner shall enter a
  3  8 notation of the change on the registration records.
  3  9    Sec. 2.  Section 53.22, subsection 1, paragraph a,
  3 10 unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 2001, is amended to read as
  3 11 follows:
  3 12    A An eligible elector or registered voter who has applied
  3 13 for an absentee ballot, in a manner other than that prescribed
  3 14 by section 53.11, and who is a resident or patient in a health
  3 15 care facility or hospital located in the county to which the
  3 16 application has been submitted shall be delivered the
  3 17 appropriate absentee ballot by two special precinct election
  3 18 officers, one of whom shall be a member of each of the
  3 19 political parties referred to in section 49.13, who shall be
  3 20 appointed by the commissioner from the election board panel
  3 21 for the special precinct established by section 53.20.  The
  3 22 special precinct election officers shall be sworn in the
  3 23 manner provided by section 49.75 for election board members,
  3 24 shall receive compensation as provided in section 49.20 and
  3 25 shall perform their duties during the ten calendar days
  3 26 preceding the election and on election day if all ballots
  3 27 requested under section 53.8, subsection 3, have not
  3 28 previously been delivered and returned.
  3 29    Sec. 3.  Section 53.22, subsection 1, paragraph c, Code
  3 30 2001, is amended to read as follows:
  3 31    c.  The special precinct election officers shall travel
  3 32 together in the same vehicle and both shall be present when an
  3 33 applicant casts an absentee ballot.  If either or both of the
  3 34 special precinct election officers fail to appear at the time
  3 35 the duties set forth in this section are to be performed, the
  4  1 commissioner shall at once appoint some other person, giving
  4  2 preference to persons designated by the respective county
  4  3 chairpersons of the political parties described in section
  4  4 49.13, to carry out the requirements of this section.  The
  4  5 persons authorized by this subsection to deliver an absentee
  4  6 ballot to an applicant, if requested, may assist the applicant
  4  7 in filling out the ballot as permitted by section 49.90.
  4  8 After the eligible elector or registered voter has securely
  4  9 sealed the marked ballot in the envelope provided and has
  4 10 subscribed to the oath, the voted absentee ballots shall be
  4 11 deposited in a sealed container which shall be returned to the
  4 12 commissioner on the same day the ballots are voted.  On
  4 13 election day the officers shall return the sealed container by
  4 14 the time the polls are closed.
  4 15    Sec. 4.  Section 53.22, subsection 4, Code 2001, is amended
  4 16 to read as follows:
  4 17    4.  The commissioner shall mail an absentee ballot to a an
  4 18 eligible elector or registered voter who has applied for an
  4 19 absentee ballot and who is a patient or resident of a hospital
  4 20 or health care facility outside the county in which the voter
  4 21 is registered to vote.  
  4 22                           EXPLANATION
  4 23    This bill combines a voter registration form with a request
  4 24 for an absentee ballot so that any request for an absentee
  4 25 ballot is also treated as a request to register to vote.  The
  4 26 county commissioner shall use the information on the absentee
  4 27 ballot application to register persons not already appearing
  4 28 on the registration record, or to update registration
  4 29 information for voters already appearing on the record.  The
  4 30 practice of sending a separate voter registration form along
  4 31 with an absentee ballot is no longer needed.  
  4 32 LSB 2539SS 79
  4 33 ta/pj/5

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