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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  29A.12A  UNIFORMED HONOR GUARD –
  1  3    1.  As used in this section, "recognized veterans
  1  4 organization" means a veterans organization listed in section
  1  5 37.2, subsection 1, or an organization of veterans of the
  1  6 United States armed forces recognized by rule of the adjutant
  1  7 general.
  1  8    2.  The adjutant general shall serve as coordinator for
  1  9 honor guard services for military funerals and related
  1 10 services.  If requested by the commander of a recognized
  1 11 veterans organization, the director of a funeral home, or a
  1 12 friend or family member of a deceased person who served in the
  1 13 armed forces of the United States during a time of war or
  1 14 military conflict or is otherwise entitled to military honors
  1 15 at the person's burial, interment, or memorial service, the
  1 16 adjutant general shall order the requested uniformed honor
  1 17 guard of the Iowa national guard, or shall request a
  1 18 recognized veterans organization, to attend and provide the
  1 19 appropriate military honors.  The adjutant general shall
  1 20 ensure that the appropriate service records are collected
  1 21 which authorize the honor guard at the services and shall
  1 22 ensure that the honor guard meets the appropriate military
  1 23 requirements for uniform and conduct.
  1 24    3.  If a recognized veterans organization provides the
  1 25 honor guard services, the adjutant general shall provide
  1 26 assistance in training the honor guard units and shall provide
  1 27 compensation to the recognized veterans organization which
  1 28 performs honor guard services.  The compensation paid to the
  1 29 recognized veterans organization shall be determined by rule
  1 30 of the adjutant general.
  1 31    4.  The costs related to providing honor guard services,
  1 32 training honor guard units, and providing compensation to
  1 33 recognized veterans organizations which provide honor guard
  1 34 services as provided in this section shall be paid from funds
  1 35 appropriated to the national guard for those purposes under
  2  1 section 29A.13.  
  2  2                           EXPLANATION
  2  3    This bill provides that the adjutant general of the Iowa
  2  4 national guard shall coordinate and provide for appropriate
  2  5 honor guard services for a deceased veteran who is entitled to
  2  6 military honors at the veteran's funeral, burial, or memorial
  2  7 service.  The adjutant general is to provide the honor guard
  2  8 units from national guard personnel or through recognized
  2  9 veterans organizations that wish to provide the honor guard
  2 10 services.  The adjutant general shall ensure that the honor
  2 11 guards meet appropriate military standards of uniform and
  2 12 conduct and shall provide appropriate training to the veterans
  2 13 organizations.  The veterans organizations are to be
  2 14 compensated for the honor guard services as determined by rule
  2 15 of the adjutant general.  The costs related to the honor guard
  2 16 services are to be paid from funds appropriated to the
  2 17 national guard for those purposes.  
  2 18 LSB 5045HH 79
  2 19 tj/cls/14

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