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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 8.62, Code 2001, is amended by adding
  1  2 the following new subsection:
  1  3    NEW SUBSECTION.  4.  a.  For purposes of this subsection,
  1  4 unless the context otherwise requires, "state institution"
  1  5 means the Iowa veterans home or a state institution under the
  1  6 control of the director of human services listed in section
  1  7 218.1, governed by the state board of regents listed in
  1  8 section 262.7, or administered by the Iowa department of
  1  9 corrections listed in section 904.102.
  1 10    b.  For an operational appropriation made to an agency for
  1 11 purposes of a state institution or for the portion of an
  1 12 operational appropriation allocated for a state institution,
  1 13 the state institution shall exercise the encumbrance authority
  1 14 under subsection 2 in lieu of its exercise by the agency.
  1 15    c.  If a state institution is authorized by law to operate
  1 16 under net state budgeting procedures and to retain an amount
  1 17 of revenues that remains unobligated or unexpended at the
  1 18 close of the fiscal year, the state institution's encumbrance
  1 19 authority under this subsection is in addition to the state
  1 20 institution's authority to retain such revenue.  
  1 21                           EXPLANATION
  1 22    This bill amends Code section 8.62 to authorize certain
  1 23 state institutions to act in lieu of the agency in control of
  1 24 that institution to encumber a portion of an unused
  1 25 operational appropriation and use the encumbered amount in the
  1 26 succeeding fiscal year.
  1 27    Under Code section 8.62, an operational appropriation is an
  1 28 appropriation from the general fund of the state providing for
  1 29 salary, support, administrative purposes, or other personnel-
  1 30 related costs.  If a balance of an operational appropriation
  1 31 would remain unexpended or unencumbered at the close of the
  1 32 fiscal year, a state agency may encumber up to 50 percent of
  1 33 that balance for use in the succeeding fiscal year.  The
  1 34 remainder is deposited in the cash reserve fund.  The
  1 35 specially encumbered moneys must be used during the succeeding
  2  1 fiscal year for employee training, technology enhancement, or
  2  2 purchases of goods and services from Iowa prison industries.
  2  3 The bill authorizes certain state institutions to exercise
  2  4 that encumbrance authority, independently of its parent
  2  5 agency, for funding attributable to the state institution.
  2  6    The bill applies to the following state institutions:  the
  2  7 Iowa veterans home; the state resource centers, mental health
  2  8 institutes, and juvenile facilities under the control of the
  2  9 director of human services; the universities, university
  2 10 hospitals and clinics, braille and sight saving school, state
  2 11 school for the deaf, and Oakdale campus under the control of
  2 12 the state board of regents; the state penitentiaries,
  2 13 correctional facilities, classification center, rehabilitation
  2 14 camps, and other related institutions administered by the
  2 15 department of corrections.
  2 16    If a state institution is authorized by law to operate on a
  2 17 net state budgeting basis and to retain a portion of revenue
  2 18 at the close of the fiscal year for use in the succeeding
  2 19 fiscal year, the moneys encumbered under the bill are in
  2 20 addition to that retained revenue.  
  2 21 LSB 5065YH 79
  2 22 jp/sh/8

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