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House File 465

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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  1.18  ENGLISH PLUS AFFIRMATION.
  1  2    1.  The general assembly of the state of Iowa finds and
  1  3 declares the following:
  1  4    a.  English is and will remain the primary language of the
  1  5 state of Iowa, and all members of the state recognize the
  1  6 importance of English to state life, individual
  1  7 accomplishment, and personal enrichment.
  1  8    b.  Many United States citizens have native languages other
  1  9 than English, including many languages indigenous to the North
  1 10 American continent, and many members of society have not had
  1 11 an equal opportunity to learn English.
  1 12    c.  The ability to communicate in English and other
  1 13 languages has promoted and can further enhance Iowa's
  1 14 economic, political, and cultural vitality, and contributes to
  1 15 the state's productivity and nationwide competitiveness.
  1 16    d.  Fundamental values and state and national documents
  1 17 ensure tolerance and respect for diversity and guarantee all
  1 18 persons equal protection under the law.
  1 19    e.  A need exists for a vastly expanded network of
  1 20 facilities for comprehensive English language instruction and
  1 21 services to ensure that all persons in the state have the
  1 22 ability to exercise the rights and responsibilities of full
  1 23 participation in society.  A need exists to offer English as a
  1 24 primary language in classes at Iowa community colleges, state
  1 25 universities, and public schools.
  1 26    f.  A need exists to foster multiple language skills among
  1 27 all people in the state in order to promote Iowa's position in
  1 28 the world marketplace and to strengthen Iowa's conduct of
  1 29 relations with other countries.
  1 30    g.  A need exists to endorse the concept of English Plus in
  1 31 order to promote public civility and the fundamental values
  1 32 and objectives of society.
  1 33    2.  Laws containing restrictionist language shall not be
  1 34 enacted in Iowa that will impede a citizen's right to vote,
  1 35 infringe on a citizen's civil rights, foster governmental
  2  1 interference in private activity and free commerce, or cause
  2  2 social disunity.  
  2  3                           EXPLANATION
  2  4    This bill adds a new section to Code chapter 1 that states
  2  5 that English is the primary language of the state of Iowa, but
  2  6 also endorses the value of encouraging multiple language
  2  7 skills among the state's citizens.  The bill prohibits the
  2  8 enactment of Code language that impedes a citizen's right to
  2  9 vote, infringes on a citizen's civil rights, fosters
  2 10 governmental interference in private activity and free
  2 11 commerce, or causes social disunity.  
  2 12 LSB 2891HH 79
  2 13 av/pj/5

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