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Senate Journal: Page 1466: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

  May 11, 2000

  The Honorable Chester Culver
  Secretary of State
  State Capitol
  L O C A L

  Dear Mr. Secretary:

  I hereby transmit Senate File 2453, an act relating to and making
  from the rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund to state departments and agencies,
  the department of natural resources, the department of agriculture and land
  stewardship, department for the blind, the department of corrections, the
  of cultural affairs, the department of economic development, the department
  of general
  services, the judicial branch, the department of public safety, the state
  board of
  regents, the state department of transportation, the office of treasurer of
  state, and the
  commission of veterans affairs, creating an environment first fund and
  appropriations from that fund for environmental purposes, making related
  language changes, providing for contingent effectiveness, and providing
  effective dates.

  I appreciate the efforts of Republicans and Democrats in allocating
  $11.2 million toward the creation of the Clean Water Initiative.  This
  investment will
  create a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at improving Iowa's water
  The package includes the establishment of buffer strips, efforts to restore
  construct wetlands, and expansion of water quality monitoring and watershed

  These projects not only provide cleaner and safer water, but they will
  protect our
  natural resources, protect our public infrastructure - like roads and
  bridges - from
  flood damage, and protect our aquatic wildlife.  Most importantly, we need
  to make
  sure that our commitment to clean, safe drinking water does not end this

  For these reasons, Senate File 2453 is, therefore, approved on this date
  with the
  following exceptions, which I hereby disapprove.

  I am unable to approve the designated portion of section 18.  This item
  any of the community attraction and tourism funds from being expended for
  development and promotional purposes.  The Legislature specifically
  authorized the
  use of these funds for these purposes in last year's infrastructure
  appropriations bill.  I
  believe it is appropriate to allow the new Vision Iowa Board to determine if
  they want
  to continue that practice.

  I am unable to approve the designated portion of section 22, subsection 2.
  item would carry unused balances of the environment first fund appropriation
  to the
  subsequent fiscal year.  Because the legislature has overspent from the
  budget this year, it is necessary to develop a mechanism to balance it.  The
  effect of
  this item veto, coupled with those below, will be to allow unspent resources
  in the
  environment first fund to return to the rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund at
  the end of
  the fiscal year.  This will help correct the Legislature's infrastructure
  budget deficit.

  I am unable to approve section 24 in its entirety.  This item would extend
  restore the outdoors program through fiscal year 2004.  The restore the

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