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House Journal: Page 1927: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Also: That the Senate has on April 26, 2000, concurred in the House amendment
and passed the following bill in which the concurrence of the Senate was asked:

Senate File 2453, a bill for an act relating to and making appropriations from the
rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund to state departments and agencies, including the
department for the blind, the department of corrections, the department of cultural
affairs, the department of economic development, the department of general services,
the judicial branch, the department of public safety, the state board of regents, the
state department of transportation, the office of treasurer of state, and the commission
of veterans affairs, creating an environment first fund and making appropriations from
that fund for environmental purposes, making related Code language changes,
providing for contingent effectiveness, and providing effective dates.



Minority Leader Schrader offered the following remarks:

Thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you to the Majority Leader for such a
compliment, even before I begin to call my speech a productive use of time. That's very
nice of you Representative Rants.

I want to begin by saying thank you. You probably notice my going away speech
will be a little different than times past. I don't write speeches anymore. I make
outlines, but my problem is I can't read them unless I put my glasses on, and then I
can't see you unless I take my glasses off. Representative Blodgett and I had a
conversation a couple weeks ago where I asked him to yield and we were both looking
over our glasses at one another as we tried to do our work.

I do want to say thank you to many friends in this chamber. First and most of all to
the Democratic caucus that I lead and all of you people that have worked so hard. This
deal of being a minority party member isn't a fun one a lot of the time. The objectives
that you have in front of you often are hard to get your hands around. It makes it hard
some times to focus on the task but you've done it. I'm proud of you and you've made
me look good as a leader because you've been such a great team. I thank you all for
that. And I appreciate and respect you all for that. And as a team I can't have any
higher regards than my leadership team. My friend Dick Myers who sits right beside
me, the Democratic Whip; and Assistant Leaders John Connors, Pam Jochum, Steve
Warnstadt and Keith Weigel. You've worked harder than anybody on our team to help
us have success. My wife, Bobbi, doesn't sit beside me. She sits beside Steve
Warnstadt. But she helps me every day. My staff in my office, Mark Brandsgard,
Carolyn Gaukel, people that do great work and put up with me somehow at the same
time. The Democratic caucus staff, Paulee Lipsman, Dave Epley, Dean Fiihr, Jennifer
Parsons, Tom Patterson, Anna Hyatt-Crozier, Mary Braun, Ed Conlow, and Joe
Romano. They work so hard for me and for every other one of the members of our
caucus, that it's hard to know how to thank these folks. Year in and year out during the
session and during the interim they are there for us.

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