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1 enacted, is amended to read as follows:
3 The board of educational examiners shall adopt
4 rules pursuant to chapter 17A relating to a voluntary
5 certification system for para-educators. The rules
6 shall specify rights, responsibilities, levels, and
7 qualifications for the certificate. Applicants shall
8 be disqualified for any reason specified in section
9 272.6 or in administrative rule. Notwithstanding
10 section 272.6, subsection 1, paragraph "a", the board
11 may issue a para-educator certificate to a person who
12 is at least eighteen years of age. a person holding a
13 para-educator certificate shall not perform the duties
14 of a licensed practitioner. A certificate issued
15 pursuant to this chapter shall not be considered a
16 teacher or administrator license for any purpose
17 specified by law, including the purposes specified
18 under this chapter or chapter 279.
19 Sec. 33. Section 283A.2, subsection 2, paragraph
20 b, unnumbered paragraph 1, and paragraph c, as enacted
21 by 1999 Iowa Acts, chapter 147, section 1, are amended
22 to read as follows:
23 The board of directors of a school district that
24 wishes to provide safe, reasonable student access to a
25 school breakfast program, rather than operate or
26 provide for the operation of a school breakfast
27 program at a specific attendance center within the
28 school district shall develop an alternative site plan
29 to operate the school breakfast program at another
30 attendance center or other site within the school
31 district and shall annually certify to the department
32 that the plan meets the following criteria:
33 c. The board of directors of a school district
34 that wishes to provide access to a school breakfast
35 program in accordance with paragraph "b", shall notify
36 the parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian of
37 a child enrolled in the school district of the school
38 district's intention to develop and implement a plan
39 to provide school breakfast programs only in certain
40 attendance centers at an alternative site. At any
41 time in which the school district proposes to make
42 substantive changes to a plan certified with the
43 department of education, the notification requirements
44 of this paragraph shall apply.
45 Sec. 34. Section 294A.25, subsections 6, 10, and
46 14, Code Supplement 1999, are amended to read as
47 follows:
48 6. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999
49 2000, and ending June 30, 2000 2001, from phase III
50 moneys the amount of fifty thousand dollars to the

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