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1 receipts received under this section to the department
2 of human services to pay contractual fees incurred by
3 the department to maximize federal funding for special
4 education services. All remaining receipts in excess
5 of the amount necessary to pay contractual fees shall
6 be credited to the general fund of the state
7 department of human services medical assistance
8 account.
9 Sec. 25. Section 256C.2, unnumbered paragraph 2,
10 Code 1999, is amended to read as follows:
11 A district applying for a grant under this section
12 shall agree, for each dollar of grant funds, to
13 provide twenty cents in matching cash or in-kind
14 resources. Grants may be awarded for four years,
15 beginning July 1, 1994, and ending June 30, 1998. Up
16 to ten percent of the moneys appropriated for the
17 grant program may be used by the council for staffing,
18 technical assistance, and external evaluation
19 development. Notwithstanding section 8.33,
20 unencumbered or unobligated funds remaining on June 30
21 of the fiscal year for which the funds were
22 appropriated shall not revert but shall be available
23 for expenditure for the following fiscal year for the
24 purposes of this section.
25 Sec. 26. Section 261.12, subsection 1, paragraph
26 b, Code Supplement 1999, is amended to read as
27 follows:
28 b. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999
29 2000, and for each following fiscal year, three four
30 thousand nine hundred dollars.
31 Sec. 27. Section 261.19, subsections 1 through 4,
32 Code 1999, are amended to read as follows:
33 1. A physician recruitment program is established,
34 to be administered by the college student aid
35 commission, for the Des Moines university of -
36 osteopathic medicine and health sciences of Des
37 Moines, Iowa medical center. The program shall
38 consist of a forgivable loan program and a tuition
39 scholarship program for students and a loan repayment
40 program for physicians. The commission shall
41 regularly adjust the physician service requirement
42 under each aspect of the program to provide, to the
43 extent possible, an equal financial benefit for each
44 period of service required. From funds appropriated
45 for purposes of the program by the general assembly,
46 the commission shall pay a fee to the Des Moines
47 university of - osteopathic medicine and health
48 sciences medical center for the administration of the
49 program. a portion of the fee shall be paid by the
50 commission to the university based upon the number of

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