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1 changes that may be required to accomplish area
2 education agency reorganization to the senate and
3 house standing committees on education and the joint
4 appropriations subcommittee on education not later
5 than December 15, 2000.
7 FEES. Notwithstanding section 272.10, up to 85
8 percent of any funds received annually resulting from
9 an increase in fees approved and implemented for
10 licensing by the state board of educational examiners
11 after July 1, 1997, shall be available for the fiscal
12 year beginning July 1, 2000, to the state board for
13 purposes related to the state board's duties,
14 including, but not limited to, additional full-time
15 equivalent positions. The director of revenue and
16 finance shall draw warrants upon the treasurer of
17 state from the funds appropriated as provided in this
18 section and shall make the funds resulting from the
19 increase in fees available during the fiscal year to
20 the state board on a monthly basis.
22 of educational examiners shall conduct a study of the
23 use of school days for the professional development of
24 teachers by school districts and area education
25 agencies. Each school district and area education
26 agency shall submit to the board by August 1, 2000, in
27 the manner required by the board, data relating to the
28 use of school days for the professional development of
29 teachers. The board shall develop and recommend
30 alternatives to reduce the number of school days used
31 for the professional development of teachers. The
32 board shall submit its recommendations by December 1,
33 2000, in a report to the senate and house standing
34 committees on education and the joint appropriations
35 subcommittee on education.
37 STUDY. The commission of libraries shall coordinate a
38 study of the state library structure. The commission,
39 the area education agencies, and the regional
40 libraries jointly shall compile a list of the support
41 functions currently provided to local libraries by the
42 regional system, including but not limited to the
43 continuation of consultation and educational programs
44 for library staff and trustees concerning all facets
45 of library management and operation and intraregional
46 interlibrary loan and information services, and shall
47 develop a plan to provide those support functions and
48 services more effectively and efficiently. The plan
49 shall be submitted by December 1, 2000, to the senate
50 and house standing committees on education, the joint

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