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House Journal: Page 1853: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

41 RETARDATION. The legislative council of the Iowa
42 general assembly is requested to establish a
43 legislative interim study committee during the 2000
44 interim to review issues concerning whether the county
45 or state should be liable for the payment of costs and
46 expenses associated with the transferring and
47 referring of a person to a state hospital or state
48 hospital-school for mental illness or mental
49 retardation who has been charged with a criminal
50 offense. The committee shall consider proposals,

Page 9

1 including the mechanism established in sections 22 and
2 23 of this Act, for determining when the county or the
3 state should be liable and, if applicable, for
4 determining which county should be liable. The
5 legislative interim study committee should issue a
6 report to the general assembly by January 1, 2001,
7 concerning its findings and recommendations.
8 Sec. 24. EFFECTIVE DATE. Section 20 of this Act,
9 being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect
10 upon enactment."
11 2. Title page, by striking lines 1 through 5 and
12 inserting the following: "An Act relating to the
13 department of corrections and concerning the
14 establishment of reserve peace officers, the transfer
15 of patients to the Iowa medical and classification
16 center, the transcription and recording of testimony
17 in certain departmental investigations, inmate
18 accounts and work programs, the receipt and release of
19 certain records by the department, the use of force by
20 correctional or peace officers, the establishment of a
21 vice chairperson for the board of parole, the delayed
22 repeal of the sixth judicial district pilot project
23 concerning probation revocation hearings, requesting
24 an interim study, and providing an effective date."
25 3. By renumbering as necessary.

The motion lost and the House refused to concur in the Senate
amendment H-8806.

Unfinished Business Calendar

Rants of Woodbury asked and received unanimous consent for the
immediate consideration of Senate File 2265 and Senate File 2276.

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