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46 Sec. 7. Section 226.30, Code 1999, is amended to
47 read as follows:
49 When a patient of any hospital for persons with
50 mental illness becomes incorrigible, and unmanageable

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1 to such an extent that the patient is dangerous to the
2 safety of others in the hospital, the administrator,
3 following review and approval of the director of the
4 department of corrections, may apply in writing to the
5 district court or to any judge thereof, of the county
6 in which the hospital is situated, for an order to
7 transfer the patient to the Iowa medical and
8 classification center and if the order is granted the
9 patient shall be so transferred. The county attorney
10 of the county shall appear in support of the
11 application on behalf of the administrator.
12 Sec. 8. Section 230.1, subsection 1, unnumbered
13 paragraph 1, Code Supplement 1999, is amended to read
14 as follows:
15 The necessary and legal costs and expenses
16 attending the taking into custody, care,
17 investigation, admission, commitment, including civil
18 commitment pursuant to section 812.5, and support of a
19 person with mental illness admitted or committed to a
20 state hospital shall be paid by a county or by the
21 state as follows:
22 Sec. 9. Section 704.8, Code 1999, is amended to
23 read as follows:
25 A correctional officer or peace officer is
26 justified in using reasonable force, including deadly
27 force, which is necessary to prevent the escape of any
28 person from any jail, penal institution, correctional
29 facility, or similar place of confinement, or place of
30 trial or other judicial proceeding, or to prevent the
31 escape from custody of any person who is being
32 transported from any such place of confinement, trial
33 or judicial proceeding to any other such place, except
34 that deadly force may not be used to prevent the
35 escape of one who the correctional officer or peace
36 officer knows or should know is confined on a charge
37 or conviction of any class of misdemeanor.
38 Sec. 10. Section 904.202, Code 1999, is amended to
39 read as follows:
41 The director may provide facilities and personnel
42 for a diagnostic intake and classification center.
43 The work of the center shall include a scientific
44 study of each inmate, the inmate's career and life

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