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18 administrative costs incurred by the department for
19 purposes of administering the vision Iowa program.
20 Sec. 31. NEW SECTION. 12.82A SCHOOL
22 During the term of the school infrastructure
23 program established in section 292.2, up to fifty
24 thousand dollars of the moneys deposited each fiscal
25 year in the school infrastructure fund shall be
26 allocated each fiscal year to the department of public
27 safety for the use of the state fire marshal. The
28 funds shall be used by the state fire marshal solely
29 for the purpose of retaining an architect or
30 architectural firm to evaluate structures for which
31 school infrastructure program grant applications are
32 made, to consult with school district representatives,
33 to review construction drawings and blueprints, and to
34 perform related duties at the direction of the state
35 fire marshal to ensure the best possible use of moneys
36 received by a school district under the school
37 infrastructure program. The state fire marshal shall
38 provide for the review of plans, drawings, and
39 blueprints in a timely manner.
40 Sec. 32. Section 18.3, subsection 7, Code 1999, is
41 amended by adding the following new unnumbered
42 paragraph:
43 NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH. If the department
44 intends to bill a state agency for a service provided
45 by the department under this subsection, the
46 department shall notify the state agency of the
47 department's intention and of the costs of providing
48 the service prior to providing the service. The state
49 agency may request that all or a part of the service
50 not be provided by the department if all or a part of

Page 16

1 the service will be provided by a person employed by
2 the state agency or a person under contract with the
3 state. An action by the department or a state agency
4 related to the provision of, billing for, or request
5 to not perform a service under this subsection, is
6 subject to review by the executive council upon
7 complaint from any state agency adversely affected.
10 All capital projects on the capitol complex shall
11 be planned, approved, and funded only after
12 considering the guiding principles enunciated in any
13 capitol complex master plan adopted by the commission
14 on or after January 1, 2000. At a minimum, the extent
15 to which the proposed capital project does all of the
16 following shall be considered:

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