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14 fund based upon the nature and breadth of the proposed
15 community juvenile crime prevention plans and the
16 extent to which the proposals include viable plans to
17 sustain the funding and local governance of the
18 proposed juvenile crime prevention services and
19 activities following the proposed grant period. A
20 plan for grant moneys under this section shall be a
21 part of or be consistent with the annual child welfare
22 services plan developed by the governance board of the
23 decategorization project area and submitted to the
24 department of human services and Iowa empowerment
25 board pursuant to section 232.188.
26 4. The division shall provide potential applicants
27 for grant moneys decategorization governance boards
28 with information describing comprehensive community
29 planning techniques and performance measures for this
30 program and. The division shall establish a
31 monitoring system for this program that requires
32 participating cities, counties, and entities organized
33 under chapter 28E decategorization governance boards
34 to report information with which to measure program
35 performance. The division shall solicit input from
36 cities, counties, and service-providing agencies on
37 the establishment of program performance measures and
38 the structure of the program monitoring system.
39 Applications for grant moneys shall state specific
40 results sought to be obtained by any service or
41 activity funded by a grant under this section and
42 shall describe how their desired results are related
43 to the program's performance measures.
44 5. This section is repealed effective June 30,
45 2000 2005. The division of criminal and juvenile
46 justice planning shall annually submit an annual a
47 report to the general assembly by January 15 regarding
48 the program's performance measures and the
49 effectiveness of the services and activities funded
50 under this section."

Page 3

1 2. Page 19, by inserting after line 7 the
2 following:
3 "4. Section 100 of this Act, relating to the
4 community grant fund, being deemed of immediate
5 importance, takes effect upon enactment."
6 3. By renumbering as necessary.

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