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42 c. If a determination is made that the information
43 technology does not comply with such standards, the
44 department shall disapprove the request and such
45 information technology shall not be procured unless a
46 waiver is granted pursuant to section 14B.104.
47 3. The information technology department, by rule,
48 may implement a prequalification procedure for
49 contractors which the department has entered or
50 intends to enter into agreements regarding the


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1 procurement of information technology.
2 4. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 18,
3 the department may procure information technology as
4 provided in this section. The department may
5 cooperate with other governmental entities in the
6 procurement of information technology in an effort to
7 make such procurements in a cost-effective, efficient
8 manner as provided in this section. The department,
9 as deemed appropriate and cost-effective, may procure
10 information technology using any of the following
11 methods:
12 a. Cooperative procurement agreement. The
13 department may enter into a cooperative procurement
14 agreement with another governmental entity for the
15 purpose of pooling funds for the purchase of
16 information technology, whether such information
17 technology is for the use of the department or
18 multiple governmental entities. The cooperative
19 procurement agreement shall clearly specify the
20 purpose of the agreement and the method by which such
21 purpose will be accomplished. Any power exercised
22 under such agreement shall not exceed the power
23 granted to any party to the agreement.
24 b. Negotiated contract. The department may enter
25 into an agreement for the purchase of information
26 technology if any of the following applies:
27 (1) The contract price, terms, and conditions are
28 pursuant to the current federal supply contract, and
29 the purchase order adequately identifies the federal
30 supply contract under which the procurement is to be
31 made.
32 (2) The contract price, terms, and conditions are
33 no less favorable than the contractor's current
34 federal supply contract price, terms, and conditions;
35 the contractor has indicated in writing a willingness
36 to extend such price, terms, and conditions to the
37 department; and the purchase order adequately
38 identifies the contract relied upon.

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