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9 1. The child support recovery unit created in this
10 chapter shall establish a task force to assist in the
11 development and implementation of a plan for a
12 statewide support lien index. all of the following:
13 The unit, in consultation with the task force, may
14 recommend additional statutory changes to the general
15 assembly by January 1, 1999, to facilitate
16 implementation of a statewide index.
17 2. The plan shall provide for an index pertaining
18 to any person against whom a support judgment is
19 entered, registered, or otherwise filed with a court
20 in this state, against whom the unit is enforcing a
21 support judgment, or against whom an interstate lien
22 form promulgated by the United States secretary of
23 health and human services is filed. The plan shall
24 also provide for implementation and administration of
25 an automated statewide support lien index, access to
26 at least one location in every county, and the
27 development of procedures to periodically update the
28 lien information.
29 a. The filing of notices of liens and actions to
30 release liens.
31 b. The process for delaying the renewal of a motor
32 vehicle registration due to a support delinquency and
33 recommendations for additional statutory changes to
34 the general assembly.
35 3. 2. Members of the task force may include, but
36 shall not be limited to, representatives, appointed by
37 the respective entity, of the Iowa land title
38 association, the Iowa realtors' association, the Iowa
39 state bar association, the Iowa county recorders'
40 association, the Iowa clerks of court association, the
41 Iowa county treasurers' association, the Iowa
42 automobile dealers' association, the Iowa bankers
43 association, the Iowa recreational vehicle dealers'
44 association, the independent automobile dealers'
45 association of Iowa, the Iowa mortgage bankers'
46 association, the Iowa motorcycle association, the Iowa
47 credit union league, department of revenue and
48 finance, state department of transportation, the
49 office of the secretary of state, the office of the
50 state court administrator, and other constituency

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1 groups and agencies which have an interest in a
2 statewide support lien index to the record liens.
3 Appointments are not subject to sections 69.16 and
4 69.16A. Vacancies shall be filled by the original
5 appointment authority and in the manner of the
6 original appointments."

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