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31 osteopathic medicine and surgery pursuant to chapter
32 150A.
35 1. An abortion shall not be performed in this
36 state without the voluntary and informed consent of
37 the patient upon whom the abortion is to be performed.
38 Except in the case of a medical emergency, consent to
39 an abortion is voluntary and informed only if the
40 requirements of this section are met.
41 2. The referring physician, the physician who will
42 perform the abortion, or an agent of either physician
43 shall provide all of the following information to the
44 patient by telephone, by audiotape, or in person, at
45 least twenty-four hours before the abortion:
46 a. Information that medical assistance benefits
47 may be available to the patient for prenatal care,
48 childbirth, and neonatal care.
49 b. Information that the putative father is liable
50 to assist in the support of the child, even if the

Page 2

1 putative father has offered to pay for the abortion.
2 c. Information that the patient has the right to
3 review the printed materials described in subsection
4 3.
5 3. After being informed of the patient's right to
6 review printed materials pursuant to subsection 2, if
7 the patient wishes to review the materials, the
8 materials shall be provided to the patient at least
9 twenty-four hours before the abortion is performed.
10 The physician or the physician's agent shall orally
11 inform the patient that the materials have been
12 provided by the state and that they describe the
13 unborn child and list agencies that offer alternatives
14 to abortion. The printed materials shall include all
15 of the following:
16 a. Geographically indexed materials designed to
17 inform the patient of public and private agencies and
18 services available to assist a patient through
19 pregnancy, at the time of childbirth, and while the
20 child is dependent, including adoption agencies. The
21 materials shall include a comprehensive list of the
22 agencies available, a description of the services
23 offered, and a description of the manner, including
24 telephone numbers, in which the agencies may be
25 contacted. The department may also provide a toll-
26 free, twenty-four-hour-a-day telephone number which
27 may be called to obtain, orally, a list and
28 description of agencies in the locality of the caller
29 and of the services offered.

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