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26 c. Provide continuity, over time, at the state
27 level in the development and enhancement of
28 partnerships with international colleagues.
29 d. Develop a comprehensive, state international
30 relations policy and define the state's role in the
31 international relations arena.
32 e. Coordinate efforts with the executive branch
33 and legislative branch protocol officers.
34 f. Sponsor an annual state summit on international
35 relations capacity to promote international relations
36 activities in a variety of arenas including but not
37 limited to international market development and civic,
38 cultural, and educational opportunities. The summit
39 should incorporate input from city, county, and state
40 entities from both the public and private sectors.
41 g. Inform and educate the public, workforce,
42 students, businesses, and state policymakers regarding
43 the importance of international involvement in both
44 economic and noneconomic international relations
45 activities.
46 h. Compile reference materials and a listing of
47 resources to be available to policymakers and the
48 public in preparing for international relations
49 activities and travel. The compiled materials and
50 listing of resources shall be provided via electronic

Page 3

1 access utilizing the most advanced and cost-effective
2 and efficient technology.
5 1. The international relations committee of the
6 legislative council shall establish and utilize
7 protocol for visitors to the capitol, who may include
8 state, national, or international visitors. The
9 protocol established shall include provisions relating
10 to transportation of visitors to and from the capitol,
11 the designation of an official point of entry and a
12 receiving area for visitors, security provisions,
13 official introduction of visitors to the general
14 assembly while the general assembly is in session, the
15 provision of gifts to visitors, and other provisions
16 appropriate to the visitor's position.
17 2. The international relations committee shall
18 work with the executive branch protocol officer and
19 with the legislative branch protocol officer in
20 developing the protocol and in coordinating the visits
21 of state, national, and international visitors to the
22 capitol.

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