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Senate Journal: Page 241: Tuesday, February 9, 1999

  24  be congratulated for the success and recognition he
  25  helped to bring to the University of Iowa and the
  26  Hawkeye football program both on and off the field,
  27  for his outstanding leadership, inspiration, and
  28  coaching ability exhibited throughout his career at
  29  the University of Iowa; and
  30     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That, upon adoption, an

  Page   3

  1  official copy of this Resolution be prepared for
  2  presentation to Coach Hayden Fry.

  Senator Dvorsky moved the adoption of Senate Resolution 2,
  which motion prevailed by a voice vote.

  Senator Dvorsky presented Hayden Fry, former football coach of
  the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

  Coach Fry addressed the Senate with brief remarks and the
  Senate rose in honor of Coach Fry.

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