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 7   staff representatives shall be designated to provide".

 8     2.  Page 3, line 26, by striking the word "staff"
 9   and inserting the following:  "representatives".
10     3.  Page 4, by inserting after line 23 the
11   following:
12     "Sec. ___.  Section 7I.3, subsection 9, Code 1999,
13   is amended by adding the following new paragraph:
14     NEW PARAGRAPH.  c.  Core functions for home
15   visitation, parent support, and preschool services
16   provided under a school ready children grant."
17     4.  Page 4, line 35, by inserting after the word
18   "cost." the following:  "Moneys expended by a
19   community empowerment area board to acquire necessary
20   insurance or other liability coverage shall be
21   considered an administrative cost and implementation
22   expense."
23     5.  Page 5, by striking lines 31 and 32 and
24   inserting the following:  "boards and the
25   administrators shall annually submit a report
26   concerning such efforts to the community empowerment
27   office.  If a community empowerment area is receiving
28   a school ready children grant, this report shall be an
29   addendum to the annual report required under section
30   7I.7.  The state community empowerment facilitator
31   shall compile and summarize the reports which shall be
32   submitted to the governor, general assembly, and Iowa
33   board."
34     6.  Page 6, by striking lines 20 through 25 and
35   inserting the following:  "board.  A majority of the
36   members of a community board shall be elected
37   officials and members of the public who are not
38   employed by a provider of services to or for the
39   community board.  At least one".
40     7.  Page 6, line 28, by striking the words "three
41   years" and inserting the following:  "not more than
42   three years and the terms shall be staggered".
43     8.  Page 8, by inserting after line 11 the
44   following:
45     "Sec. ___.  Section 7I.8, subsection 3, Code 1999,
46   is amended to read as follows:
47     3.  An early childhood programs grant account is
48   created in the Iowa empowerment fund under the
49   authority of the director of human services.  Moneys
50   credited to the account shall be distributed by the
Page 2  
 1   department of human services in the form of grants to
 2   community empowerment areas pursuant to criteria
 3   established by the Iowa board in accordance with law.
 4   The criteria shall include but are not limited to a
 5   requirement that a community empowerment area must be

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