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House Journal: Page 1698: Monday, April 26, 1999

32   is amended to read as follows:

33     1.  As used in this section, "rural small business"
34   means an existing a rural small business, for which
35   local competition does not exist in the principal
36   realm of business activity of that business, and the
37   loss of which will work a hardship on 
the rural
38   community. A rural small business may 
include a
39   grocery store, drug store, gasoline station,
40   convenience store, hardware business, or farm 
41   store.  A rural small business does not 
include a new
42   business.
43     Sec. ___.  Section 12.40, subsection 5, Code 1999,
44   is amended by striking the subsection."
45     5.  By striking page 1, line 35, through page 2,
46   line 1, and inserting the following:
47     "Sec. ___. NEW SECTION.  12.43A  VALUE-ADDED
49     6.  Page 2, by inserting after line 11 the
50   following:
Page 2  
 1     "     .  "Processor" means any person engaged in the
 2   business of turning an agricultural commodity into a
 3   product by physical or chemical modification,
 4   including but not limited to canning, freezing,
 5   drying, dehydrating, cooking, pressing, powdering,
 6   packaging, repacking, baking, heating, mixing,
 7   grinding, churning, separating, extracting, cutting,
 8   fermenting, eviscerating, preserving, jarring,
 9   brewing, or slaughtering."
10     7.  Page 2, by striking lines 21 through 24 and
11   inserting the following:  "section 12.34 to implement
12   value-added agricultural linked investment loan
13   programs, including a traditional livestock producers
14   linked investment loan program in order to increase
15   the availability of lower cost loans to traditional
16   livestock producers, and a value-added processing
17   linked investment loan program in order to stimulate
18   existing businesses or to encourage the establishment
19   of new businesses that are involved in processing
20   agricultural commodities and encouraging the
21   production of agricultural commodities if a shortage
22   in production exists."
23     8.  Page 2, line 25, by inserting after the word
24   "loan" the following:  "under the traditional
25   livestock producers linked investment loan program".
26     9.  Page 3, by striking lines 9 through 17 and
27   inserting the following:
28     "     .  The total number of livestock sold by the
29   borrower during the last twelve months must be as
30   follows:

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