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A non-record roll call was requested to determine that a quorum 
was present. The vote revealed seventy-four members present, 
twenty-six absent.
Mundie of Webster offered amendment H?1833, to the Senate 
amendment H?1762, filed by him from the floor as follows:
 1     Amend the Senate amendment, H-1762, to House File
 2   746, as amended, passed and reprinted by the House, as
 3   follows:
 4     1.  Page 3, by inserting after line 2 the
 5   following:
 6     "     .  Page 18, by inserting after line 31 the
 7   following:
 8     "Sec. ___.  Section 214A.1, Code 1999, is amended
 9   to read as follows:
10     214A.1  DEFINITIONS.
11     The following definitions shall apply to the
12   various terms used in this chapter:
13     1.  "A.S.T.M." means the American society for
14   testing and materials.
15     2.  "Motor vehicle fuel" means a substance 
16   combination of substances which is intended 
to be or
17   is capable of being used for the purpose 
of propelling
18   or running by combustion any internal 
19   engine and is kept for sale or sold 
for that purpose.
20   The products commonly known as kerosene 
and distillate
21   or petroleum products of lower gravity 
(Baume scale),
22   when not used to propel a motor vehicle 
or for
23   compounding or combining with a motor 
vehicle fuel,
24   are exempt from this chapter except as 
provided in
25   section 214A.2A.
26     2.  "Dealer" means a retail dealer or a wholesale
27   dealer.
28     3.  "Dispense" means to do any of the following:
29     a.  Sell motor vehicle fuel on a retail basis.
30     b.  Place motor vehicle fuel in the fuel tank of a
31   motor vehicle or small engine for the operation of
32   that motor vehicle or small engine.
33     c.  Place motor vehicle fuel in or remove motor
34   vehicle fuel from a motor vehicle fuel container,
35   including for storage in a motor vehicle fuel storage
36   tank or transfer by motor vehicle storage tank piping.
37     4.  "Fiberglass motor vehicle fuel storage tank" or
38   "fiberglass storage tank" means a motor vehicle fuel
39   storage tank that is fiberglass or fiberglass lined

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